S'mores Set up

Who wants S'mores?  Arizona Inflatable Events provides your guest with the unique experience of making their own s'mores at your location.  Do you remember sitting around the camp fire making S'mores as a child, remember the fun?  We bring out the S'mores themed booth including lights, chocolate, graham crackers, marsh mellows, sticks and roasting stations.  Each guest will get a S'mores kit and stick them go over to the roasting station and roast their own marshmallow.  When your guest is satisfied with their marshmallow they built the S'more and get to enjoy dessert under the stars!  

Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions:
Space Needed:

Call for Pricing

Price: $139.00 (1 hour)

Price: $139.00 (2 hours)

Price: $139.00 (3 hours)

Price: $139.00 (4 hours)

Price: $139.00 (5 hours)