8' Banquet Table

When planning an event don’t forget or plan for table and chair rentals.  Arizona Inflatable Events rents a multiple size and style of tables. 

Arizona Inflatable Events is not just about inflatables, we are a full-service party rental company.  We rent quality table rentals, chair rentals and linen rentals for all size events.  We truly care about the success of your event so call today to speak with our event specialist. 

Here is our standard disclaimer.  Though we deliver to many different cities like Chandler there may be a delivery fee or a delivery minimum.  Other important facts to know, all table, chair, linen, and catering equipment prices are just for the equipment rental.  These items do not include set up or tear down unless otherwise noted.  If items are being deliver they will be delivered up to 200 feet of flat ground from the delivery truck via hand truck.  If the items cannot be delivered with a hand truck due to location restrictions, there will be additional deliver fees required.  Don’t forget to turn off sprinklers because water could damage rental items, any damages will be charged to the customer.  Park or non-residential events may require additional set up material at additional cost.  Additional Fees may apply to non-grass setups.  Items will not be carried through homes, offices, or lifted over walls without prior approval and additional fees.  We cannot guarantee that all products listed on our website are available.  Call the office to confirm additional delivery restrictions, details and availability.

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Price: $10.50 (1 hour)

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