Water Slides: Surf-N-Slide

Surf-N-Slide slip-n-slide

Better than the old slip n slides that we all played on as kids, no more hitting the ground to slide, this inflatable slip n slide offers a soft landing to slide on. The Surf N Slide Two-lane Slip N Slide is perfect for those Arizona hot summer days. Water runs throughout the length of the slide to ensure the entire inflatable slip n slide stays wet. Run, jump and slide all the way to the end, this is a race to the finish line.  This is the best inflatable slip n slide rental available.  Other items people rent:

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A standard water hose is needed to hook up to the water source on the slide.  The water source on the slide mist and sprays water down the slide requiring a consistent water supply.  Water will splash and or run off the slide the entire time the water is on.  For health and safety reasons you cannot recirculate the water.  The area around the water slide may become muddy.

Though we deliver to many different cities like Goodyear there may be a delivery fee or a delivery minimum. Other important facts to know, all Inflatable/Ride/Rental item prices include standard set up and removal from location unless otherwise noted. Standard setup is considered real grass where stakes can be used, and power is within 75 feet (not all items require power). Standard delivery is within 200 feet of flat ground from the delivery truck, call the office if your delivery is outside these specifications. If your rental item requires water please make sure that there is a water source available on site within 50 feet, you may also want to check for hoses and a water key. Park or non-residential events may require additional set up material at additional cost. Additional Fees may apply to non-grass setups. Items will not be carried through homes, offices, or lifted over walls without prior approval and additional fees. If you fail to properly measure the space and we deliver or attempt to deliver the items and they do not fit, there will be nothing we can do at this point and you will still be responsible for full payment.  Please measure your area.  We cannot guarantee that all products listed on our website are available. Call the office to confirm additional delivery restrictions, details and availability.

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 30'Lx12'Wx8'H
Space Needed: 45'Lx16'Wx12'H

Call for Pricing

Price: $199.00 (1 hour)

Price: $199.00 (2 hours)

Price: $199.00 (3 hours)

Price: $199.00 (4 hours)

Price: $199.00 (5 hours)